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6th Grade- End-of-year festivities

The end-of-year celebration for our sixth grade students is extremely moving for the children and their parents alike. As for us -their teachers - who have been with them since the beginning of their school life, it is an occasion to reflect upon the relations cultivated both among them and us as well as among themselves. Aristotle said, 'wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit'.

Since 'friendship' was the theme of this year's celebration, our sixth-graders had the opportunity to show us the essence of it. Understanding, loyalty in good and bad times, patience, forgiveness, sharing, co-operation, affection and respect were the values presented through narration, acting and singing. Our pupils made us realise that what matters in life is living together in harmony. 

Anezina Xydous, Maria Anaplioti