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FCE students evaluating their learning experience

Read about FCE class students evaluating their learning experience!
EDMODO is a social learning network which is very useful especially to students because it is a fun and interesting way to learn and communicate with your teacher. It is easy to use and well-designed. When you’re absent from class, you can check homework assignments. You can also do tests and exercises that your teacher has uploaded. This is a very exciting way of learning. Personally, what I like about edmodo is taking vocabulary quizzes assigned by my teacher because they help me a lot to learn the words of each unit and I enjoy this way of learning.   (Natalie Zografidou)
We’ve started using EDMODO in our English class this year and I think it’s quite interesting. Our teacher uploads useful grammar tables and interactive vocabulary quizzes. They help me get better grades in tests! Besides, I have a great time on edmodo because I watch videos about important personalities in British history such as Guy Fawkes. (Konstantinos Dalampekis)
For me, EDMODO is very useful because I can check my homework, ask my teacher questions about whatever I haven’t understood and use certain links to practice grammar and vocabulary. It’s great fun! EDMODO has made English language learning more interesting and enjoyable! (Evryali-Markella Karavokyri)
EDMODO has helped me learn English more easily and in a more exciting way. I can check my knowledge through quizzes and I play vocabulary games. It’s fantastic when I get badges from Ms Assyrian. My e-learning experience is super! (Theo Pinkeridis)
EDMODO is a website that we use with our English teachers. It’s really helpful because we can revise for tests or ask questions about the lesson. I always use it when I’m not sure about the work I’ve already done and want to check what I know and get extra practice. I really enjoy using EDMODO since I can learn and revise easily using games. (Iliana Antoniadi)
Being a social learning network, EDMODO appeals to all teenagers. I think EDMODO helps me because our teacher uploads homework and extra activities for practice. I started using EDMODO this year and it’s great because I don’t feel anxious when a test is coming. At the same time, I learn a lot of information as our teacher shares interesting material with us. I like the fact that I can communicate with my classmates when I’m logged in. (Bill Klokouzas)
There’s a lot to learn on EDMODO. If you miss a class, you can find homework assignments uploaded. If you’re taking a test, you can practise through tests and quizzes. Personally, I think EDMODO is highly enjoyable because of the badges we often receive for hard work and good behavior in class. I love the fact that I can have a conversation with my classmates while I’m logged in. I believe we’ve gained a lot through this e-learning experience. (George Kourakos)
At the beginning of the school year, our teacher told us to create an account on EDMODO. At first, I wasn’t impressed by it but I soon realized how useful it is to practise what I have learned for tests by doing online quizzes that Ms Assyrian prepares for us. This learning experience has a lot of advantages for us. I always get good marks in tests and feel encouraged when I earn a badge! (Vaggelis Antikas)
EDMODO has helped me understand grammar and vocabulary better because our teacher regularly uploads a lot of extra material and exercises. I can also revise well before a test and check homework easily. I always make sure I watch the videos my teacher uploads. EDMODO is appealing to many pupils because of the badges that we get if we study hard and participate in class every day. (Stavriella Garyfallidou) 
Our e-class is an amazing learning experience! It’s not like Facebook or Twitter. Truly, it’s very useful: my teacher posts homework and uploads educational videos and exercises daily for us to understand lessons much better. I like commenting on my teacher’s uploaded material. I quite enjoy this original way of communication between students and teachers. (Katerina Gkolemi)
I use EDMODO a lot. I can revise for tests and chat with my classmates. Every time I have a test, I log in and “test” myself. I like the fact that our teacher gives us badges to encourage us. (Aris Nikolaidis)
Our teacher uploads a substantial amount of extra practice material on EDMODO. This helps a lot when we’re studying for a test – we feel we are better prepared. When we get badges for class participation, we are encouraged and improve ourselves. What I like most about EDMODO is that I have an excuse for being online late in the evening! (Gogo Spyraki)
EDMODO is a useful app which is mainly for students but parents can use it as well. EDMODO helps me a lot. Notes on homework are posted every day. Our teacher also uploads tests and quizzes for extra practice. What I enjoy the most about EDMODO is the fact that I receive badges – they encourage me to improve. (Maria-Elpida Georgala)
Akis Koukoulis, a 1st year Proficiency student wrote:
Many students encounter quite a few problems when they have to use English outside the classroom. One site that help them with their study is If you are familiar with facebook then you will get the hang of it very easily. By using one can gain access to all the classroom materials which means you will not miss out on the lesson of the day. Apart from that, you can find a variety of interesting extra-curricular activities assigned by the teacher. In this way students are able to practice all the necessary skills in order to both improve their English and at the same time be exposed to various online videos and study sets their teacher has created for them. These activities are designed to motivate students by rewarding their progress and providing them with plenty of practice and preparation for tests.