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The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

We have been celebrating Shakespeare’s work marking the 400th anniversary of his death through various activities in different levels.
Our students of D2, E2, ST1, ST3, A/B Junior (Primary), B Class (1st grade High school) have learned facts about Shakespeare’s GlobeTheatre, his life as a poet and a playwright and his famous plays through a series of presentations.  They also enjoyed a video of two of our students Emmanuel Sefikian and Nina Kokori acting out the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet” at our school in 2011.  
D2: Jim Marakomichelakis and Iriana Katsifi presented information about Shakespeare’s life and The Globe Theatre.  Zoe Mamae showed us a drawing she did of Shakespeare in London.  The whole class answered a series of questions by their teacher and their prompt reply was amazing!  They also watched “Romeo and Juliet” and have been inspired and guided to illustrate some of the important scenes and turn them into a book.
E2: watching Romeo and Juliet, answering a series of questions - interactive online quiz (British Council) and drawings of their favourite scene from the play.
ST1:  learning about the Globe Theatre.
ST3: watching “Hamlet” - “Much Ado About Nothing” and answering online interactive questions from the British Council.
A/B Junior: watching “Romeo and Juliet” and playing an interactive game from the balcony scene.
B Class1st year high school students: watching “Romeo and Juliet” (latest movie) and answering comprehension questions on the whiteboard.
                                                                                                         be continued......