Welcome to Our Wonderful World – eTwinning

WOWW-Welcome to Our Wonderful World With this project 8-11-year-old pupils around Europe will be involved in an exchange of their experience and preferences in areas such as school, toys, festivals, housing, weather conditions, animals, eating habits and everyday activities
in their countries. We hope to encourage them to learn English in a fun way practise writing, speaking and reading skills and make them aware of the world around them as global citizens. Our pupils will have the opportunity to participate equally in all activities and learn to behave in a socially responsible manner,respect and promote positive behaviour. Topics will be issued online via web 2.0 tools . We will record videos, take photos, create presentations, logos, posters, blogs, play online quizzes, have video conferences and create a common ebook as the final product of our collaboration. All material will be shared on Twinspace and both teachers and pupils will be asked to evaluate the project. Teacher: Anezina Xydous

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