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What makes up a school? The question triggered a lively class discussion. Students talked about a range of aspects: facilities, extra-curricular activities, sense of community, rules and regulations and interpersonal relations, to mention just a few. Here’s what they wrote for the school newsletter.

It is an opportunity for us to develop our social and co-operation skills…

School teaches students to accept and respect other cultures. It makes sure that the students are learning in a quiet, respectful environment that prepares them for the world of tomorrow. During school projects students are able to work in small teams, which helps them communicate with each other, develop their social skills and learn how to co-operate. Under such circumstances, students are properly prepared as considerate citizens who will respect the needs of others.

by Helen Amirali

School is an educational institution where students can:
 Have fun
 Meet new people and make new friends
 Be educated
 Be taught how to act responsibly
 Acquire new skills

To my mind, the main reason why kids ‘like’ going to school is because of the friends they make there, the relationships between all students.
by Maria Kontothanasi


School friends are the type of friends that continue to be on your side
for the rest of your life. These true friends will support your choices and
cheer you up when you feel moody. Without them, going to school
would not be as much fun.
By Akis Koukoulis


School for me means friendship…

...because that’s where all of them are mainly created. Sometimes at school, when you are bored, only friends can make you smile. Those are the ones that will spend their time with you in the breaks and will help you with your problems. Without them school life would be less interesting and disappointing at times. Usually, we are happy to go to school because of them… This is one of the main reasons why school can be enjoyable.

by Lydia Kyriakopoulou

School gives us the opportunity to create strong friendships with boys and girls of all ages.
At school we are also able to gain knowledge, which is very important in our days.
Finally, school is something like a small community which teaches us how to co-exist and
co-operate with other people.

by Elias Vardoulias