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Our project entitled ‘life in the future’.

Our project entitled ‘life in the future’. B class, Tsekoura Eleni.


Life in the future has always been an intriguing subject for all age groups and especially young learners. Pooling ideas on how different aspects of life will change in the future proved to be an easy and engaging task. First, we talked in pairs about the way we imagine work, education, houses, food and travel and then we discussed our ideas as a class. Students then put their ideas in writing contributing a written paragraph each. Paragraphs were then proof read and corrected using our writing correction code before being copied on separate cardboards of different colours. In the pictures, you can see us sticking our work on a poster entitled ’life in the future’ among some pictures that we downloaded from the internet  which we coloured and cut. Finally, our poster was put up in class so that we can decorate our class and be reminded everyday of what a great job we did!