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Cambridge YLE – Awarding the certificates

The English Department of our School held an event this year too, to celebrate the tremendous success of our young students at Cambridge YLE. On December 11th,  all our students who had participated in the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams of May 2013, turned up at the school theatre, eager to receive their certificates. They were praised for their consistently hard work throughout the school year and their excellent exam results by the Head of Department, Mrs Dora Assyrian. Presenting the certificates was Ms Olga Leontaris, Cambridge ELA presenter, consultant and team leader. Through an interesting presentation, Ms Leontaris emphasised the importance and significance of Cambridge exams and urged the students to benefit from the advantages they have to offer. 

To accompany the awards ceremony, Ms Viviana Giakoumaki gave an exciting powerpoint presentation focusing on language learning through fun activities in class.  Finally, some of our C’ class students, helped by Ms Tina Vaphiadis and Ms Anna Chryssanthopoulou, staged a witty simulation of the oral exam. Many thanks to Ms Vaphiadis for writing the script as well as Ms Alis Tartsinian and Ms Evina Zacharopoulou for preparing the powerpoint presentation. 

Congratulations to our young certificate holders! We wish them all much continued success!