Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Seeds of learning
AB Junior students were shown how to plant flowers, how to name vital ingredients for a flower to grow and how to cooperate with their classmates while gardening. The students enjoyed the procedure looking forward to their blooming flowers! – Olga Akepsimaidou

Fast – faster – the fastest!
AB Junior pupils became animals for the sake of the Comparative and the Superlative degrees. The game was easy – ‘actors and directors’ in turns! Directors gave the instructions; the actors had to follow them. A cat is fast but a tiger is faster! A great game to practice adjectives and comparisons! – Olga Akepsimaidou

Shop some groceries!
AB Junior Students went shopping … in class! First, they drew a virtual market on board, and then they went shopping in pairs with an eco-friendly bag. They practiced useful language as shown on the white board and of course learnt about each other’s preferences! – Olga Akepsimaidou

Building blocks!
Games are an excellent way for young students to learn. Our AB Junior pupils learnt how to … build sentences with the aid of coloured sticks with words on them. After rolling the dice, they had to form sentences. In case of a mistake, the next student had to correct. The points were given accordingly! A great way to revise both grammar, structure, and vocabulary at the end of the year! – Olga Akepsimaidou

Enchanting Habitat
On their last day of school, our AB Junior class said goodbye in the most oceanic way possible…with a 3D project on Coral Reefs. The students had the chance to discover the flora and fauna of the enchanting habitat in their latest unit, and were impatient to make their own in class. – Georgia Aloizou

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