It was with great pleasure that we discovered that a number of third-year Advanced students shared a keen interest in origami, the ancient art of folding paper to create 3D models. They decided to work on an origami project by studying and researching a different aspect of it while also giving it a try themselves. – Panagiota Arvaniti, Evi Parissi
Participating students:

  • Eleftheria Koutsouraki – history of Origami
  • Fotini Velliou – Origami papers
  • Katerina Kyriakaki, Anna Stamati, Nefeli Sachinidi – Sembazuru (legend of the 1000 cranes) and the story of Sadako Sasaki
  • Model makers: Isabella Bousgoliti, Nicholas Sotiriou, Marita Milatou

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